Submit Your Film

We invite YOU to submit your short films with a G through R rating with a run-time of no more than 40 minutes. There is no premiere requirements for the O.D.F.F. The films chosen by our selection committee will be screened at the Rainbow Theatre in February 2024.



We are now accepting submissions for 2023 from around the WORLD.

See the official 2021 selection list here


CASH Prizes

Minimum $1500 for 1st place! ALL of the admission fees will go directly to cash prizes for the winning filmmakers. Prizes will be given to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place films, as chosen by the selection committee/judges. NOTE: to award as much as possible to the winning filmmakers, ALL audience members will pay for admission. There are no free passes for the filmmakers.

We are accepting submissions.

We look forward to receiving your short film submissions via Film Freeway.

Do you have a question? No problem! E-mail us at!

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